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The oldest fine leather goods in the world

A few years back you could argue that heritage nurtured gradually and customers needed time to buy and make a brand a part of their lives. Today, at a time where young influencers are recognized as major marketing channels and are now becoming brands themselves, these principals are questioned. The supermodels still snatch every other luxury brand. What makes a brand today?

The classic photography is directed by Saint-Tran and director Edouard Valette who targetted the oldest leather brand Delvaux as the number one example of how your products makes your brand, not the face.

The conceptual images remind us that heritage speaks of history. It's about timeless accessories that you pass on from one generation. It represents the brand’s identity: inheritance, quality and shared experiences. Delvaux has built a meaningful past and it's our calling to illustrate what it means to be Belgian in every corner of the world.

Photo cr. Unknwon (Busan Korea, 1952)

Photo cr. Unknown (New Delhi, 1956)

Photo cr. Unknown (Korean Mother and Child, ca. 1910-1920)